day #2 which is actually day 4

First of all I cant even begin to apologise, as you all know there has been rain allover the country South B area. That is one excuse number two, I have other jobs, see I have to sit down and do work, as it is obvious that I cannot make money with this blogging stuff:-)

Now you know the drill, meaning you know where to get everything. Between I did not go to Toi, because  my liquidity was very very low, mpaka even I shangaad at that bank account, it looked very foreign to me. (This is how shit happens)
But I will go, soon! Talking of that soon I think we need to go in a mob, so the bargaining power rises.

I want to encourage all the rich ladies who have cars to at least once in a while take a bus/matatu ride anywhere wherever you are, it is the most interesting thing this side of Karen!! Yesterday I sat between a man and a woman, the woman was lying through her teeth the way the matatu has just left town, huko we are already around Mater Hospital in South B. Then she is trying to put this person off, but she does not want me to get the conversation so she is just shifty with the whole thing "no! the answer is no, si I told you I would think about it,"

The man is in his late 40s knocking on 50, dressed in a suit like you would expect the people around my area to dress in a suit, very decent, and respectable looking, then his phone rings... Kelly Rowland screeching I loooove you, baby I neeedd yoooouuu, no matter what they say all I think about is you... am thinking he is not serious, then he answers it very calmly "good evening Mwalimu, how are you"
The man gets off at shoppi and this boy in his 20s gets in besides me, now he is trying the whole time to read the sms am texting, and everytime I try to catch him, he looks away very fast!!, aaahhh too deadly!!

Ok sorry not the purpose of the blog, I added some beads from Maasai market, to make the look my own.

And please please, dont worry about my tired face, I have been having a rough day, arguing with people on facebook.
Do have a lovely friday? FRIDAY!! Forecast for tonight, Alcohol: low standards and poor decisions. 

Anyway should I go out tonight I will attempt this look.



  1. HAhahahahahahahahahahaa.....I'm definately here for your sense of humour Dama not the fashion advice( Miss Linx)

  2. Loving the blog! Like the short afro, heading that way soon, tired of my locs. Yep ringtones should match the owner, but hey, probably his kids changed it...

    1. Judy really? cut do you know this one of mine the way you see it is almost 4 years old!! and Ijust trimmed it once, kidogo. I have given up!