Day #1 Let the games Begin!

Okay, day one, first let me say I did not sleep at my house jana, but that is not important, it is late but I had to look and find, I like Sai's look better offcourse because of the flats, I love flats but my feet are way too large for flats I always have to stare at my feet and wonder why am unproportional, It is day one, so the 2 belt thing going on there should be ignored and anyway I like untidy..

Top- Mango
jeans- Diesel
Sandles- Bata

You know where to find everything, I have noticed that the sun shines differently everywhere or maybe its my camera:-))) I am accepting
Tonight is Karaoke so I will throw a black jacket over this and am good to go!!!
Have I added weight??

I have gone over the pictures again and it looks tough!!! I am going baby visiting kesho so am going to go maxi.
I am going to be inspired by one of Sai's friend coz frankly I cant see me getting any of the outfits soon. I think friday is Toi day!!


  1. YAY!!!! So glad you started. Lakini the lighting in your photo.. Stand in the sunlight!

    LOVE the coloured jeans... I'll actually consider getting a pair. Wish I could come with you to Toi on Friday lakini brokeness!

    If it wasn't for this weather I'd have tried the maxi tomorrow. Lakini rain clouds are gathering.... Will see.

  2. Love the coloured jeans- ON YOU..
    There is no way ad rock that...