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Ey, I have woken up from my slumber.

I have been woken up by Naomi Wachira. She is something!
It is unbelievable that I have never heard of Naomi. But I saw her the other day on my facebook newsfeed - bless you Wanjiru Kimani.
I listen first time and she stunned me, with goose bumps and everything.
Naomi's music moves and teaches and soothes and you breathe. YOU BREATHE.
She is the closest to absolute awesomeness I have come this entire year.

Kenya has such wonderful music, that it is a shame we, okay I am ashamed I did not know
about her. We have a gem!


Naomi's latest Album I am Because You are is such wave of freshness, a rhapsody and chic and strong.
I dunno if you can say music is chic, but that is what came to mind. And mama got style too!!.
She has the punk rock African Woman edginess going on that I absolutely love!

This is Love and Light

From her website
Following the successful debut of her self-titled album in 2014, Naomi Wachira returns with 
a thought provoking acoustic EP "I am Because You Are" in an attempt to address the 
hopelessness of a society that seems bent on destroying itself. Weary of escalating violence,
like the recent attacks in her home country of Kenya, ongoing wars and the plight of
thousands displaced by these wars. Wachira sings with hope of a place where human
diversity thrives.
But her idealism is not oblivious to the callousness we often treat those who are different 
from us.
Adopting the Zulu philosophy of Ubuntu, her songs point toward an approach to living 
that is mindful of others because we belong to each other. 

Raised in Kijabe, a small town tucked on the base of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.
Naomi makes music revolving around the themes of hope, compassion and mindfulness
both towards oneself and society at large. She credits her influence to two groundbreaking
female songwriters, Miriam Makeba and Tracy Chapman.
The daughter of a pastor, Naomi joined the traveling family band at five years old, spreading
the good word through gospel song. Since then, with her Afro-infused rhythms and simple
lyrics, she strives to make a positive mark on the world, by reminding us that not matter our differences, we are all alike in our existence.

(one day I will write like that)
The piece that got me - African Girl. There are lyrics there for the karaoke branch.

So lets spread sunshine.
Naomi on Social Media -
Click, like, follow and share and sing along and BUY.

Halafu musalimiane uko.

Thank you for the music Naomi.

Did I mention there my mama is called Naomi?


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