This Has Been A long Time Coming!

Hi ladies and gents:-) I know! I know. But I am going to explain to you in the greater details why I have been off radar like that! Just thought I start this post off with Our Sai who looks stunning as usual!

So, I have been having this writers block. There are stories and things to write about but just no motivation. Anyway jana it came back to me in the most weirdest way!! I was walking to my friends, she lives huko past Bomas. I had my earphones on at full blast! Just kidogo past the cemetery, this guy walks past me, then I think he was calling me or something, I turn back and hes says "Una kaa smart?" He said that while giving me his hand, and you know the way mama taught me, if someone gives you a hand you shake it - firmly. He was still wanting to say something but I said my thanks and walked on. 5m away I go into complete panic mode (Nairobi has became a dangerous place of late) I start thinking of those storos we used to hear of the way a person shakes your hand and then you just start fuataing them till Tanganyika. 

Then I started thinking so this is how I am going to end? I said to myself I walk out of this thing I am going to be like one of those sects in my village, Legio Maria I think, those guys do not shake peoples hands. You give them your hand to shake, they clap. Can be very embarrassing for you, but now I see the advantage, no more shaking peoples hands. Yaani I thought about that thing the whole distance to my friends, I had also been listening to Liquid Deep and Tear Gas. I am just thinking is this the song I am going to arrive with at the pearly gates! scary times I tell you.

The other reason I have been under the radar, I met someone, I am in love and stuff!!! haha! good things happen to people like us too! The way the other time I was here here wanting to kill that other man, you remember the one I was telling you about? He is getting married by the way. That thing pissed me off, then I met this guy and things changed. Mpaka I was thinking and noooooow? What was I doing the whole time with that man? 
Anyways am pretty excited, people should be in love every single day. If it is not working with one person, do not sweat it, okay you are allowed to go batshit crazy for some weeks, but then try and move on, I know it is difficult. And have you noticed you always meet that one when you are not looking?

Okaaaaayy!!!!! Lets get down to business!


I checked in the dictionary again, na wamesema hapo
  1. 1.
    wearing no clothes; naked.
    "a painting of a nude model"

    synonyms:naked, stark naked, bareunclothedundressed, disrobed, stripped,uncladau naturel, without a stitch on, in one's birthday suit, in the raw, in the altogether, in the buff;

Have you understood that thing? Surely it should then go without saying that if you a wearing nude heels or nude lingerie it should make you look like you are not wearing that piece for lingerie and heels should be almost same colour as your skin no?

Anyway me that is the way I see it. I have seen on lots of blogs by Africans and black women in general, yeah even kenyan fashion bloggers, women be going like, here is me in my peplum and nude heels.. please!

Chick that is not nude, you are wearing beige heels, BEIGE is the colour you are wearing. If you have skin tone like this girl and you juuuuust must use the word nude, BROWN is your nude, NOT Beige.

This is nude on a white/light skinned person. You see these bloggers with skin tones like Alek Wek and I combined talking about beige, but calling it nude, me huko am thinking, why is she cheating us. Then we are going to embarrass ourselves in public!

This picture is called Kelly-Rolland-with-Nude Heels.jpg. Yeah Right!!

On lingerie.
Do you think I would sound normal if me me Damaris wore underwear this colour and posted here ati am wearing "nude"? Ujinga ndio tutaacha...

If you want to go nude, its not even rocket science find things closest to your skin tone. The good folks over at Nubian Skin is set to launch the real nude for us women of color. Praise the Lord!!!

THAT is what nude should look like. Si ati because white people are saying nude nude, then you and your black as black self goes and wears beige heels and then you tell us you are wearing NUDE!! But surely, have you noticed these girls stomachs? is that normal? Kesho mimi huyo jogging left and right!

Nude=Naked meaning whatever it is, should look like you are going full commando. If you think not, I am willing to hear your storos.

MBFW- New York

Si you know that thing  - MBFZ- has been going on, so I hope you have been following, as I had said earlier, I am not in the fashion scene these days much. But I had a look peek. If you have no idea where to start - meaning you have never heard of google, no worries, start at their facebook page - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

David Tlale represented us well, I have not seen other african designers, so if somebody know who is brilliant showcased please feel free to share. I will tell the rest of us about it.

If you have been watching music videos of late, you might have realised this is the official look. I will be frank I am tired of it. Chicks have to start wearing skirts again. Anyway when I saw this, I thought about another picture I had posted on my FB page huko kitambo in 2010, imagine this was on back then,  Beyonce in an african print shorts in Brazil or something, si it is tired and we did not like this outfit then.

The way we nyambuad this outfit, little did we know that it would become a worldwide plague. I watched MT'Vs video awards that last one, all the girls who performed, ALL of them wore these big panties. And you know its not like we are being original, not that there is really anything original about fashion, but frankly I think it is enough. We got this idea from the greats

Ms. Tina Turner and Ms. Diana Ross

But look at the way they were rocking those looks, with POWER!! Lakini us, and if you look we are not even that much different but, akina Ms. Tina had class with it, us our girls are just vulgar, I mean did
you see Niki Minaj's performance?? We are vulgar.

Talking of Vulgar, there was that video that was going around of some ugandan chick called Panadol sijui what. I nearly killed myself. Please do not google it, there are things that cannot be unseen, best you remain in the dark!

I wish we could move to old school glam, I know am old, but it would be so cool to see an artist on stage that way, it would be so different it would be refreshing. Look at Diana Ross here before a performance!

I am also one to  ALWAYS give credit where it is due. I thought Taylor Swift looked really good. Now umm I should probably start stalking our kenyan starlets and check out their style trends; This thing of always bringing american stars up is not hemping us, we must bring our own people to the fore front. Though frankly if you ask me, the only young stylish artist that comes to my mind is 


Love love her style, in fact I love everything about this girl! She is stunning!

The eyebrows of the other chic though:-( boomerang.

Why I love Kambua, Kambua is sooooo sooooooooo effortlessly cool, it hurts, and then she is bubbly and nice and beautiful, she is fun to watch, all girls should follow her religiously, she will also lead you to being spiritual about your faith! Seriously what more can you ask for?

Miss Karun

Thing with Karun is her edge, she is edgy, so I like her because that is kind of me, she mixes girly with boy chic, (actually the word now is lesbian chic) I love love her style, and then she has talent, I will pay good money to her concert. Love her!

So yeah ladies and ladies gents:-) thats about it for today? I do hope that I am going to continue writting more regularly, I appreciate feedback, comments, and I am just grateful for the love you have shown me. This thing has to start making some money though, maze you guy! it is work!! Did  I mention that we are going on EBRU AFRICA TV?

Cheers and see you on the next post


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